Products: Van's SK8-Hi Reissue

December 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This is a reissue of the SK8-Hi, in Coated Canvas Dress Blues, size US8. To be honest, I bought this pair of sneakers after I had to send my Model 875 Red Wings to be re-soled. The Red Wings was my only footwear that I used on a daily basis. The other being my Birkenstock sandals during my off days and the days I needed to go down to the market for groceries. After the Birkenstocks and the Red Wings, I'd thought I would never find a more reliable and sturdy footwear. I guess I was wrong.

These Vans (my second pair from the Company), are delicious.

I bought them through an online portal, or rather iPhone App (Carousell). This means I could not test for actual fit. I did however, try on a pair of Vans at their local retail outlet, who by luck, did not have this model on hand. They even claimed they did not bring in the high rise versions at all. I resorted to contacting Vans.

Too much talk. Here's an image.

The eyelets, quality of the stitching, robust canvas and high quality shoe-laces all shout value for money. I paid S$140, that rounds off to  roughly US$114.  Pricey for a pair of sneakers, but if you compare these to my Converse (high rise versions), these are worlds apart. The soles are rugged and would take a beating anytime. No wonder they are the World's #1 Skate Shoes.

Oh yes, I must speak about the laces. I am a sucker for good quality laces after I tried the laces from Red Wings. Those Red Wings, even after 3 years of daily wear, they never, never once got untied just by walking. Never. I doubt these Van's ever will too.

The sneakers are light, fit extremely well and rugged all at once. My Red Wings, you may take your well deserved rest on alternate days.


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