Snapshot #32

July 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Boss, Ghim Moh Market

Finally, back to shooting with my Mamiya RZ67 Pro. This is a lean, mean shooting machine. This was shot on Fuji's Acros 100 and the standard lens - 110mm / 2.8 Sekor. It is a kick-ass lens. It may be their 'standard' lens, but this is a fantastic starting point with the RZ67 if you have been eying your paws on a medium format.

The word around town is that the Mamiya RZ67 is too heavy for street work, too slow to focus and clumsy. I beg to differ.

  1. It is only slightly clumsy, IF you are not familiar with its functions
  2. The focusing screen is the best in class, bar-none
  3. Work with only the RZ67 and another 35mm RF in your bag and you are all set for street and wonderful portraits

This shot was on F8, no filter. Very minor edits in Levels via Lightroom, but nothing more. Scanned at 2400dpi via the Epson V600, It is a killer combination. All you need to do is load it up, and rock and roll!


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