Ilford FP4 rated at 3200

February 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Oh my. Not many may approve of this, but this was really accidental on my part. Here is what I did, and the results are pretty interesting for me to re-do, just to see if it was a fluke.


This next two images are done on Ilford's FP4 (125 ISO) film. This is 35mm film, developed myself with Ilford's DDX developer. Pardon the water marks and dust from scanning please.

2015 4312015 431


The film seems to be slightly blotchy, thick and grainy, but it works. It actually works! I thought I had 3200 film in my M2, but it was actually 125 ISO FP4. I had a shock when I ejected the roll, and left it hanging for a couple of weeks before I developed it. I think as a control measure, I would have to retry another roll, this time rate it similarly as 1600, developed as 125 as a comparison. I believe this film would actually work rated up to 1600!

There is no post-editing work done on these two images, and they are showed straight from an Epson V600 scanned at 2400dpi.


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