A biennial event showcasing the aviation sector comprising of military and civilian aspects of this thriving business.

From the aggressive stance of the Apache Longbow to the dexterity of the 3C helicopter, this 6 day event was only open to the public from 6-7 February.

Military personnel from the United States Navy & Air Force and the Singapore Air Force treated us to a aerial display with the A10 Thunderbolt, F-16 & Apache.
F-35 RaptorSexy butt, F-35 RaptorF-35 Raptor's wheel & strutDroneAH-64 Apache LongbowPilot of the Apache30mm Cannon, ApacheApache PilotCallsign 'Reno'The ApacheA-10 Thunderbolt "Warhog"The Airbus 330-200FThe AirbusAnother AirbusF-15E EagleF-15 Crew, USAFF-15 Pilot, USAFF-15E EagleCallsign 'Giro'