Hanoi, Vietnam

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A 7-day trip to the vibrant, bustling city of Hanoi, North of Vietnam during 20 - 27 Oct. The new, sprawling Noi Bai International Airport is about a 40-minute drive to the city, and please have your camera ready as you pass that huge Star Wars look-alike bridge after about 15 minutes from the airport. My camera was tucked in the bag, unloaded, together with my mobile phone.

I did this trip with the Leica M2 coupled with the Summaron 2.8 & Zeiss 25/2.8, the venerable Fuji GF670 and the Ricoh GXR & 28mm module. That is quite a stash for a short trip like this, but they all had their strengths and it was extremely tough to decide on which to bring, hence I brought them all.

This one with the GF670, on Acros 100.

Bamboo stall owners with their 5 meter bamboo on display along the pavement of Hanoi City.Its All About The LightThe way this scene was lit up was really too good to miss. Coupled with the buildings at the back as well as the owners milling around, it was such a majestic story.

Lady exiting her home with her motorbike along the pavement. Going OutI waited about 10 minutes for this image somewhere near Long Bien Bridge. The amount of details in the wall, floor all made for an excellent shot with film.

Ba Be National Park, 240km north of Hanoi. Lovely place to relax and unwind. Ba Be means '3 lakes', where the clear and calm waters were a joy to be around in (and swim). Sunrise along Ba Be National Park with a simple fishing boat idling along the river bank. Sunrise, Ba Be National ParkLocated 240km north of Hanoi, this park consists of 3 lakes joined together. Large and scattered with caves and huge mountains, the cool and calm lakes were awesome swimming opportunities I could not resist.


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